Sunday, June 9, 2013

Racing at Duck River 2013-06-08

Finally, no rain! As always, wonderful experience at the Duck River Raceway! We dug up all the cameras (I hope to never mover 2200 miles again... will we ever find everything?!?), so hopefully we will get some videos posted by next race day. Son on the camcorder, me with my DSLR, and the GoPro mounted to the No. 20 car. Got some good stuff... now just need to find time to edit and post them.

Good to see all the kids out - and under control and not being a safety issue.  The next generation of drivers are already in the pits!

If you see a picture of your car on this blog, email me and let me know. Be happy to make a print from a high res version of these pictures.

Final Check-In With The Staff

Beats watching TV any day!

No couch potatoes here!
The Competition!

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