Monday, July 4, 2011

1975 Nova Body for Sale

1975 Nova body for sale.  Clean body, 10 bolt rear end, front disk brakes, no engine.  Make a nice start for a hobby stock racer.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heat 2 Line-up Photos

Click picture to view larger image.

I didn't realize that they don't let people on the ramp any more, so I got mildly in trouble for taking these pictures.  Still, I understand the safety and insurance issues, and they were not asses about it - but it probably means I won't get such pictures again.  If one of these cars is yours, let me know.  If you link to us and let us put a link to your site, I will probably let you use the photo.  Great racing with you, Ladies and Gents.  (OK, yes, I don't actually do the racing - David Sr. does - but after all the video taping and editing, I am at least part of the team!)

Bummer - DNF - 2011-07-02

Well, the Declaration of Independence didn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit thereof.  And pursue, we did, but alas, our pursuit this Fourth of July weekend was dramatic and very short-lived.  The car can be repaired, however, but we are probably off the track for a few weeks now.  Bummer.  Watch our video of Camaro vs. Wall.

Couldn't even go down to the track at intermission and hang out with the drivers and fans.  But no human bodily injuries - just injuries to the vehicle and our pride!  DNF - Did Not Finish - being pushed off the track sucks.  No points this week.  Still, as long as no one gets hurt, a bad day at the races is still better than a good day at the office!

We've been experimenting with camera location.  So far, we've tried front-from-inside, outside-rear (Brad's camera, thanks for the loan!), over-drivers-left-shoulder.  Kind of worried about putting it in the outside as it's our new toy, but I think our next location may be on-the-roof-facing-forward.  It was a bit pricey, but we are definately enjoying our GoPro Hero camera... and the software and computer that we bought to go with it!

Going to miss some races due to repairs, National Guard duties, and vacation, but hope to see you at the track soon!

- Karla

Monday, June 27, 2011

Car cam video Heat 2 2011-06-18

My first attempt at video editing with the new software.  Camera: GoPro Hero, Editing software: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.  We didn't win, but we placed in the money!  A few more adjustments to the car, a few more new parts, and each week the car is getting faster and handling better.  Hopefully we're ready for racing on the 4th of July weekend.  Going to visit Summit today...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Race Results 2011-06-18

Another fun day at the track! Running in the middle of the pack. Not bad for our first season.  Official Results can be viewed here: with the details located here:  Check out our standings page to see how we're doing this season. 

Who knew? Fans!

Fans on the Track
During intermission the drivers bring their cars out onto the track and the fans descend on them with as much enthusiasm as any NASCAR fan.  We were, apparently, ill-prepared for stardom, needing to borrow pens and not having anything to give away.  Who knew?  Hopefully we will be better prepared next time!  Thank you to everyone who came down from the stands to check out our car!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brad's Video June 4th Hobby Stock Main

Brad let us use his GoPro camera on the back of the Camaro.
He added additional footage that he took from the pits,
and then melded it with music.
Pretty cool.
Thanks, Brad and Melisa - we enjoyed your visit.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day After The First Race (2011-05-21)

View of the Camaro the morning after its first race.  
We were happy to finish the race - and didn't even come in last!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


doing build

Vehicle Tours - Videos

Camaro prior to first race.

Dodge drag racing truck.

Videos are often posted to YouTube prior to making it to this blog.
Look for DodgeItM16 to see older and newer videos.