Thursday, April 25, 2013

Race Results from April 13th

Missed racing last weekend.  Wish we could be at the track more; alas, while we'd like to run our lives around racing, that's not possible at the moment.  Still, it is the best thing since sliced bread when we can do it!
Race Results for April 13th - showing up is half the work - and all the fun!

Standings as of April 20 (for current standings, go here.

Apparently some of the earlier races did not really count points, so we don't have as many as we thought we did.  Still, the standings as of today still has us running with the pack.  They won't be running our class this weekend, though.  I imagine they are going to eventually cut our class since there aren't enough of us each week to make us profitable.  That would be truly sad as the track and facilities are looking awesome, and we are really enjoying running there.

BTW, you sharp looking modifieds... we might be chasing after you, next season... got something brewing in the garage...